Your fields may be covered in snow (or at least a heavy frost) right now, but we all know that a potato grower’s work never truly ends. And that means the planting season is right around the corner and you’ll be out in the fields getting them ready for the 2023 crop. Our planting and tillage equipment buyers’ guide should point you in the right direction for the best equipment for your operation.
Harriston-Mayo • (701) 248-3286 (Harriston) • (218) 773-1234 (Mayo)
Harriston Clamp planter in a field
Planter And Loader
For efficient planting and higher yields, the Harriston and Mayo team provides the best planting system. The innovative Harriston Clamp planter uses positive seed clamping and low seed drop height for the most exact seed spacing. The exceptional design lets adjustments, such as bowl height and spacing, to be made from the tractor cab with ease. Harriston Clamp, Cup, Pick and Bed Planters all provide the highest accuracy and reliability and have many options available.

The Mayo Telescoping Loader quickly fills the planter to complete the efficient planting operation for more acres per day. This high-capacity loader is very durable with a variety of uses including transloading, short-term piling and truck loading. Options include wireless remote control. A very versatile machine for your operation.

Milestone • (208) 785-4285 •
Milestone 84-D potato seed cutter
Potato Seed Cutter
Uncompromising attention to detail and more than 50 years of hard-earned experience has allowed Milestone to produce the most capable, highest-capacity potato-cutting system available. Milestone potato seed cutters effectively cut both long and round varieties without the need for costly retooling. Numerous innovations, including the patented Milestone Star, hydraulic sizer quick adjust, and Milestone cutting system, ensure a consistent, uniform and blocky seed piece—the key to optimal planter performance and vibrant plant growth. Several easy-to-use adjustments can be made while the machine is operating to help ensure the desired seed profile.

Milestone’s new 84-D potato seed cutter, the newest addition to the company’s cutter lineup, represents the ultimate example of capacity, technology and raw performance.

Ag-Vantage, Inc. • (208) 670-1041 •
5-arm Ag-Vantage Culti-Diker
Ag-Vantage’s Culti-Dikers are water conservation tools that create water-retaining pockets to prevent soil erosion, thus providing increased crop yields. The pockets formed can hold one-half to 3 gallons of water, depending on model. Culti-Dikers can be mounted to row crop planters in between the planter units or behind, depending on each grower’s specific requirements. Culti-Dikers are available in several different models and sizes to meet individual needs.

Culti-Dikers have been mounted onto planters, cultivators, grain drills and tool bars for the past 15 years. A proven water conservation tool when used in sugarbeets, corn, beans, potatoes, grains and other crops.

Summers Manufacturing • (800) 732-4392 •
Summers VRT Renegade tiller working a field
VRT Renegade
The Summers VRT Renegade is the most versatile tillage tool available. It features a highly adjustable design with the ability to switch from minimal to aggressive tillage, and anywhere in between. Operators can control the blade angle, hydraulic hitch, tillage depth, gauge wheels, wing down pressure and rolling basket down pressure on the fly using an iPad with Summers iControl Implement Control technology. This unmatched flexibility allows the VRT Renegade to do the work of multiple implements, including vertical tillage and high-speed disks, as well as many other conventional tillage implements. And, it can fit into virtually all tillage programs.
Parma Company • (208) 722-5116 •
Parma High-Speed Disc tiller in a field
Parma High-Speed Disc
The High-Speed Disc is specifically designed to enable various results of primary tillage disking. Front 600/50-22.5 flotation tires in combination with the rear roller provide precise depth control for high-speed/shallow or slower-speed/deep disking. Front and rear rows of individual, 24- inch notched disc blades spaced at 10 inches are independently mounted on maintenance-free disc hub bearings and torsion spring-cushioned shanks. The distinct working action of each disc helps maintain a thorough and even disking result across the working width at the selected speeds. The separately controlled rear transport axle with 15-inch tires and the front tongue create a unique dual-action float or raise mechanism for complete lifting control at all times.

Parma’s High-Speed Disc is presently available in rigid widths of 14 to 21 feet and a wide variety of rear roller configurations including Crowfoot, packer rings, welded basket or pipe roller. Horsepower requirements for optimum high speed performance are 15 to 20 horsepower per foot.

Safe-T-Pull, Inc. • (701) 284-6100 •
Crop Shuttle crop cart towed by tractor in a field
Crop Shuttle
The Crop Shuttle is the largest, fastest and most versatile crop cart on the market. It is fully customizable, providing you up to an 800-bag capacity and discharge speeds up to 400 bags per minute. The Crop Shuttle is extremely versatile, allowing operators to use it in diverse crops such as potatoes, sugarbeets, carrots, onions, red beets, cucumbers and even corn silage.

STP Manufacturing has designed the Crop Shuttle so there is no PTO needed to power the hydraulics. The Crop Shuttle’s patented design has minimal moving parts and changing angles, meaning less buildup of debris while using less hydraulic power. The hopper rises into the air while unloading, creating the incline needed without a separate conveyor slowing down discharge and damaging crop.

The Crop Shuttle also features a patented self-loading conveyor that allows you to unload potato seed trucks into the shuttle, giving you a 600-bag capacity to fill your planters.

Lockwood Manufacturing • (800) 247-7335 •
Lockwood 606 Air Cup Planter being used in field
606 Air Cup Planter
Lockwood’s industry-leading, patented Air Cup Planter is faster, more dependable and delivers seed spacing like you planted each seed by hand with an integrated 30-inch vacuum wheel. The hydraulic drive is controlled via a GPS speed sensor that allows for more accurate seed spacing, making Lockwood’s Air Cup planter No. 1 in the industry for seed placement and the most forgiving planter when using cut seed.

Lockwood’s Air Cup planters also offer an optional seed monitor attachment to help you ensure planting success. The Air Cup family of planters offers individual row shutoff capabilities and a dual-feed chain system. The larger seed hopper allows for more acres to be planted between fills. The pull-type hitch provides the ability to add frame height control. Plus, this family of planters includes ball joint steering pivots (except for single row steering models). Lockwood’s Air Cup Planters now offer optional SureFire Accelerator Spray Kits that provide precise, reliable fertilizer applications; controller, flow meter, pump, tank and row plumbing.

Concord • (800) 688-3300 •
Concord Precision Shank Drill working a field
Precision Shank Drill
The Concord Precision Shank Drill is the market’s first row unit with a shank. The simple row unit design allows the drill to operate at higher speeds than typical shank drills. By minimizing soil disturbance and capturing blown-out soil, the drill helps ensure controlled operating depth, more uniform seed cover, and a consistent field finish.
Kuhn North America •
Interceptor 8055 high-speed conservation tillage tool working a field
Interceptor 8055 High-Speed Conservation Tillage
Kuhn North America has introduced the new Interceptor 8055 high-speed conservation tillage tool for sizing, distributing and incorporating residue into a full cut width of worked soil.

Residue is mixed throughout the soil profile, aiding breakdown and preventing a “mat” of residue from being formed either on or below the soil surface. The Interceptor 8055 can be used to control green growth, particularly in the presence of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Unique to the Interceptor 8055, an innovative stability control system helps reduce the “hopping” that often characterizes high-speed, full-width tillage tools. Individually mounted Excalibur CT blades operate on a shallow compound angle to reduce smearing and compaction by limiting weight on the backside of the blade. Nine-inch blade spacing provides a full-width cut-out, and the two parallel rows are arranged in a tandem layout to prevent “dog-tracking” or windrowing of residue. The distance between the rows of blades allows soil and residue to land, reducing the risk of plugging in wet conditions.

Behind the front row of blades, a heavy-duty tine harrow controls soil and residue flow to help prevent buildup in the rear of the machine and improves residue distribution across the field. Depth is controlled from the tires in the center of the machine and is adjusted from a single point. At the rear of the machine, the Star Wheel treaders and 24/7 reel attachment provide excellent leveling and clod sizing. Star Wheel pressure is adjustable, and the reel can be raised from the cab for extended run time in wet conditions.

Fendt • (770) 813-9200 •
Fendt 900 Vario MT tracked tractor
Fendt 900 Vario MT Series Tractor
The Fendt 900 Vario MT series track tractors provide growers a bold solution for their row crop needs. This highly adaptable tractor features models ranging from 380 to 430 constant horsepower. The Fendt iD low engine speed concept provides extremely high torque at lower engine rpm, reducing fuel consumption and providing for an exceptionally smooth ride. All powered by the Fendt VarioDrive CVT transmission for an entirely seamless operating experience no matter the application. The unique Mobil-trac system helps improve yield potential by reducing compaction and improves tractive ability and ride quality thanks to track-to-chassis and cab suspension elements. As with all Fendt tractors, the Fendt 900 Vario MT series is supported by the Fendt Gold Star customer care program – a 3-year or 3000-hour full machine warranty, that includes all scheduled maintenance and a loaner guarantee.
Brillion Farm Equipment, A Landoll Company • (855) 320-0373 • or
Brillion 3600 Series Pulvi-Mulcher working field
3600 Series Pulvi-Mulcher
The 3600 Series Pulvi-Mulcher from Brillion features wider working widths, increased trash clearance and reduced downtime in the field. The series is available in 21-, 25-, 30- and 36-foot working widths. The 30-foot model weighs 80 percent more than the popular WL360 for more clod crushing power. The 36-foot unit is the widest Pulvi- Mulcher offered by Brillion. All 3600 Series models feature 8-inch roller axles with heavy-duty bearings that improve reliability and reduce maintenance interruptions in the field. The design includes three rows of two-piece edge bent s-tines on overall 6-inch spacing. Twenty-five inches of under frame clearance improves trash flow through the machine.  A leveling harrow in front of the rear roller helps level ridges left by the shanks. New to the 3631 series is the 24-inch Notched Ductile Iron wheel to provide even more clod crushing power with its heavy weight.