Northern Plains Potato Growers Association Announces Rebrand
Organization aims to better represent growers
Generations of Flavor from the Red River Valley logo
Northern Plains Potato Growers Association (NPPGA) has announced a name change and will now be doing business as Northland Potato Growers Association. The new name includes a new logo and brand design for an evolving organization rooted in the rich legacy of their land.

The organization represents Red River Valley potato growers with a purpose of development and promotion of quality potatoes and potato products. These growers combined, raise over 80,000 acres of process (fry), chip, fresh and seed potatoes in North Dakota and Minnesota.

In partnership with Ten Acre Marketing, a Grand Forks-based agricultural marketing consulting firm, the name and design of the grower organization was reimagined. The primary logo mark features a red N encircled with a small carrot arrow pointing up, indicating north on a compass. The secondary mark further supports this image and includes the state outlines of North Dakota and Minnesota, and well as the new tagline: Generations of Flavor.

“We are thrilled to announce our rebrand,” said Donavon Johnson, President of the Northern Plains Potato Growers Association, now Northland Potato Growers Association. “We are taking a bold, new approach to marketing. Times have changed and we are excited to be on the cutting edge of creativity and promotion.”

This design revitalization comes in part to create energy around the association, attract younger growers and increase active participation. The name Northland was identified as a more descriptive name to define the geography this organization represents.

The new brand will be the overarching brand identity for all Northland Potato Growers Association’s promotion of all categories of potatoes sourced from the Red River Valley. The rebrand will be reflected on the current website, with a URL changing to northlandpotatoes.org, print collateral and other promotional material, such as chip bags.

With funding from the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant distributed through the ND Department of Agriculture, the brand will be highly visible through an aggressive regional advertising campaign. The main creative idea that will support this transition is “Potat-Oh-Yeah!” This campaign will celebrate a product full of flavor that is grown in sustainable ways, reminding consumers and growers alike that potatoes are a fun, delicious treat. It will build excitement around potatoes and break the stereotypical boring position potatoes are given while celebrating the local connection to the communities that make it happen.

The “Potat-Oh-Yeah!” plays off the Northern accent and “Oh Yeah” is a common colloquialism. The goal of this message is to instill pride and honor in the culture of the growers, while also emphasizing the fun and sustainability accompanied with growing potatoes in the northern lands of the United States in our region.

“Our potatoes are high in value and flavor,” Johnson said. “When consumers think of potatoes, we want them to think the best flavor comes from the Red River Valley.”