This big-wheeled wide load ain’t goin’ any faster. So just smile and wave and tip your hat to the man up on the tractor.
– Craig Morgan, “International Harvester”
JCB • (912) 447-2000 •
JCB 4220 ICON in field
The Fastrac 4220 delivers speed, productivity, versatility, comfort and safety to your farm. As the fastest production tractor in the world, you can reach speeds of up to 37 mph through a 6-cylinder engine generating 235 hp and 738 lbf. torque. Ensuring no excess ballast through 50:50 weight distribution for optimal traction, the 4220 delivers renowned productivity with a configurable operator environment and ISOBUS compatibility for fast, efficient implement changes.

The JCB Fastrac delivers class-leading levels of comfort through an advanced hydropneumatic suspension, mid-mounted cab position and customizable operator environment and controls. Safer by design, the 4220 has more safety features than any other tractor. Safety features include all-around disc brakes for greater, consistent stopping power, full-length rigid chassis and an advanced anti-lock braking system (ABS). Your Fastrac will become your new farm office as you enjoy greater comfort with heated and ventilated seats, climate control and solar load monitoring.

Kubota Tractor Corporation • (888) 4-KUBOTA •
Red Kubota M7 Series Gen 2 parked in grassy field
M7 Series Gen 2
Kubota’s M7 Gen 2, featuring semi-powershift transmissions and new trim levels, is designed to specifically meet the wide range of needs for today’s customers. There are three models under the M7 Gen 2 line including the M7-132, M7-152 and the M7-172, ranging from 100 to 140 in PTO horsepower. Depending on the model, there are standard, deluxe and premium grade options to further customize for performance and job function.

All M7 Gen 2 models feature powerful performance, easy operation, technological advances, sophisticated styling, and best-in-class base weight. Bringing efficient precision farming to market in an operator-friendly way, the M7 Series is designed with an ISOBUS management system with auto guidance and an easy-to-use touchscreen performance monitor.

Fendt • (770) 813-9200 •
Green tracked Fendt 900 Vario MT Series Tractor
900 Vario MT Series Tractor
The Fendt 900 Vario MT series track tractors provide growers a bold solution for their row crop needs. This highly adaptable tractor features models ranging from 380 to 430 constant horsepower. The Fendt iD low engine speed concept provides extremely high torque at lower engine rpm, reducing fuel consumption and providing for an exceptionally smooth ride.

All are powered by the Fendt VarioDrive CVT transmission for an entirely seamless operating experience no matter the application. The unique Mobil-trac system helps improve yield potential by reducing compaction and improves tractive ability and ride quality thanks to track-to-chassis and cab suspension elements. As with all Fendt tractors, the Fendt 900 Vario MT series is supported by the Fendt Gold Star customer care program – a 3-year or 3000-hour full machine warranty, that includes all scheduled maintenance and a loaner guarantee.

Green 1100 Vario MT Track Tractors tilling field
1100 Vario MT Track Tractors
Fendt 1100 Vario MT track tractors set new standards for flotation, ride comfort, fuel efficiency, power and performance. The MTS Smart Ride track system, stepless CVT transmission, more ballasting options, comfort enhancements, and industry-exclusive rear hitch systems top the list of features.

The high-powered lineup includes three models featuring MAN 15.2-liter, six-cylinder diesel engines: the 1151 (511 horsepower), 1156 (564 horsepower) and 1162 (618 horsepower). A MAN 16.2-liter, six-cylinder diesel engine powers the 673-horsepower 1167 Vario MT—the highest horsepower track tractor on the market. The MAN engines with Fendt iD and TMS deliver tremendous torque at lower RPM, saving fuel to help reduce operating costs.

The new line offers gauge settings up to 128 inches and four track widths from 18 to 36 inches. The patented Mobil-Trac track system is the only mid-wheel design with a suspended undercarriage and rolling mid-wheels, which improve ride quality and flotation.

An exclusive steerable three-point hitch and a hydraulically controlled swinging drawbar option provide smoother headland turns and minimize soil berms. The 1100 Vario MT tractors are backed by the Fendt Gold Star Customer Care Plan, with three years of full warranty, all scheduled maintenance and a loaner guarantee.

New Holland •
Blue octowheel New Holland T9 tractor in field
T9 Series
Producers in need of a high-horsepower, highly connected tractor now have the next-generation solution in the T9 with PLM Intelligence from New Holland. The T9 lineup features seven horsepower levels, track or wheel options, and a choice of two transmissions to suit the unique needs of large operations.

Operators experience New Holland’s latest PLM Intelligence technology with in-cab controls that provide control and customization without complication. The IntelliView 12 in-cab monitor offers quick configuration and advanced features such as custom layout options for each individual job and operator, 3D maps, and touchscreen or encoder navigation. Additionally, with MYPLMCONNECT, producers can seamlessly manage their farm, fleet and data.

T9 tractors with PLM Intelligence are available in seven different models, ranging from 370 to 620 rated engine horsepower. Customers also have the choice of the traditional Ultra Command full PowerShift transmission or the AutoCommand CVT.

T9 series tractors feature FPT Cursor 9 or Cursor 13 engines with New Holland-exclusive ECOBlue HI-eSCR (DPF-free) after treatment to keep fuel and maintenance costs low to make the most of every pass. The Comfort Ride cab suspension and ergonomic seat ensure a smooth and comfortable ride and put the latest PLM Intelligence technology within arm’s reach.

Case IH • (877) 422-7344 •
Red half-track Case IH tractor working field
AFS Connect Optum Magnum Series
Case IH AFS Connect Magnum series tractors are designed to handle tough conditions, as 10 models (ranging from 180 to 400 horsepower) deliver industry-leading power. These tractors come in wheeled and Rowtrac configurations, the latter providing traction and agronomic advantages. They provide fixed-frame configuration, turn like a traditional tractor and feature the same traction and flotation as all Case IH track systems. Row spacings on the Magnum Rowtrac can be set at a minimum of 20 inches and maximum of 40 inches.

Two transmission options provide peak fuel efficiency, which means getting the job done with the lowest possible cost. The CVXDrive continuously variable transmission is built for simple operation, providing uninterrupted power to the ground. The PowerDrive powershift transmission delivers ultra-smooth shifting and power transfer for both field and road.

The cab of the AFS Connect Magnum tractor is agronomically designed for maximum operator comfort and minimum fatigue. The MultiControl Armrest puts easy-to-use, customizable controls within easy reach. Critical information can be accessed with the crystal-clear, LCD, 12-inch touchscreen of the Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Pro 1200 display and monitor fleet operations, generate coverage maps and share field activity and data, both in-cab and remotely.

Massey Ferguson • (770) 813-9200 •
Red Massey Ferguson 8740 in field
8700 S Series
The Massey Ferguson 8700 S Series is available in six models ranging from 270 to 400 horsepower. The series features an 8.4-liter, 6-cylinder AGCO Power engine that provides ample output with low running costs. The Tier 4 Final engine pairs with the company’s all-in-one aftertreatment system to deliver more power and torque with reduced fuel and DEF consumption.

All models in the series are equipped with the Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission, offering stepless travel from .02 to 30 mph for maximum efficiency in a wide range of applications. At 23,810 pounds, the MF 8700 S Series reduces soil compaction without sacrificing performance. Available with fully integrated 11,000-pound front linkage and 26,455-pound rear linkage capacity, the series easily hoists heavy implements or loads.

The cab offers the highest levels of comfort with an air-suspended seat, panoramic views and cutting-edge technology like the Datatronic 5 terminal that allows for fast, efficient setup on the hydraulics, transmission and engine.

Red Massey Ferguson 5S Series tractor lifting hay bale in barn
5S Series
The 5S Series is available in three models ranging from 115 to 145 horsepower. The series offers efficient drivelines to achieve higher productivity and promises to keep operating costs low, all while delivering more power and torque. It features an AGCO Power, four-cylinder, 4.4-liter engine that complies with Tier 4 Final emission rules using the compact All-in-One after-treatment system. This delivers more power and torque with reduced fuel and DEF consumption. An electronic wastegate turbocharger further improves performance and reduces emissions.

Large windows and a narrow, steep-nosed hood provide superior visibility. Available with Dyna-4 (16×16) or Dyna-6 (24×24) transmission technology; both offer seamless shifting. Super-Eco operation attains 25 miles per hour at low 1,530 rpm, helping to significantly cut fuel consumption and increase driving comfort. Growers have their choice of hydraulic systems, which offer open and closed center systems, providing 15 to 29 gallons per minute of flow. The new front linkage design offers lift capacities up to 6,600 pounds, while the stronger, rear linkage lifts up to 10,300 pounds.

Versatile • (204) 661-8711 •
Red and yellow Versatile 620 eight wheel tractor
Delta Track and 4WD Models
Versatile introduced new DeltaTrack and four-wheel drive models for 2022. The tractors include more power, improved features, newly available options, and an updated appearance. New models—530, 580 and 620—have a larger cooling package designed to improve airflow and cooling capacity, improved transmission, and advanced hydraulic configuration and options.

The 2022 models feature the improved TA22 transmission by Cat. This powershift transmission has less restrictive torque protection in lower gears, a more consistent inching pedal, and increased torque ratings. The clutch capacity has also increased, resulting in 3 percent more torque in third gear, 5 percent more torque in fourth gear, and 10 percent more torque in fifth gear.

All DeltaTrack and four-wheel drive models include multiple cab improvements: a more comfortable seat, audio system enhancements, and an available 12-inch monitor. Superior lighting systems allow for longer hours, less fatigue and better visibility.

McCormick • (866) 327-6733 •
Red McCormic X8 VT-Drive Series tractor leaving field
X8 VT-Drive Series
With its innovative design, the McCormick X8 makes farmers excited and proud to drive it. The hood and fenders with their sharp, dynamic lines give this tractor an aggressive and attractive look, while the automotive-style LED lights seamlessly integrated into the front grill highlight the McCormick family styling. The four-post cab, with its large glass surfaces and transparent roof hatch, provides exceptional visibility in all directions. In addition, roof-mounted work lights provide excellent illumination for night work.

The X8 series offers three models with power ratings of 264, 286 and 310 horsepower, powered by Betapower Fuel Efficiency six-cylinder engines with electronically controlled variable-geometry turbocharger and SCR exhaust gas after-treatment technology that meet Tier 4 emission regulations. To match the new power levels, the X8 series has been equipped with McCormick’s VT-Drive four-stage continuously variable transmission.

Standard equipment also includes a front hitch with a lift capacity of 11,000 pounds and a front 1,000-rpm PTO. The front axle is standard equipped with an electronically controlled center-pivot suspension system and wet multi-disc brakes to ensure safe positive stopping and driving comfort.

John Deere •
John Deere 9 series tracked tractor tilling field
9 Series
Deere’s 9 Series tractors alleviate timing challenges, offering more power, more ballasting options, and more precision than ever before.

Ranging from 390 to 640 horsepower and available in four-wheel drive, dual-track or quad-track models, 9 Series tractors offer premium power, versatility and precision. No matter the terrain, no matter the conditions, these tractors give producers the strength and power they need to pull heavier, wider implements with ease. With integrated precision ag technology, even the biggest fields can be managed in the tightest timeframes necessary to achieve the bottom-line results today’s farmers are after.

Claas of America •
Eight wheel Claas Xerion tractor working field
The Xerion is a high-horsepower (435 to 530), four-wheel drive tractor featuring a fixed frame, speed of 31 miles per hour, and continuously variable CMATIC transmission to reduce the time, risk and cost of any job. Unlike articulated designs, this fixed-frame tractor with four-wheel steering gives better handling and control at road speeds with heavy loads.

Along with a high cab position for excellent visibility and semi-active cab suspension for a smoother ride, the Xerion tractor features record-breaking low noise levels in the cab. When tested at the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab, the 2022 Xerion showed increased power and an improvement of 5.2 percent in fuel economy.

Whether it’s a 5000 or 4500 model, Claas’s Xerion is purpose-built from the ground up, designed to be the most productive tractor in its class, merging premium-grade muscle with finely tuned electronics and intelligence.

Bobcat Company •
Bobcat 4000 Compact Tractor with front loader picking up dirt
4000 Compact Tractor
When you’re faced with a long list of big projects to tackle, a Bobcat 4000 platform compact tractor is a heavy-duty work companion you can count on. These turbo-charged, versatile machines deliver the size, strength and PTO horsepower needed to ensure you’re always ready to finish up daily chores around small farm or ranch. Take your pick of four 4000 platform tractor models with impressive 45- to 58-horsepower turbo-charged engines for heavy-duty lifting or implement work. All models feature an open workstation design that makes it fast and easy to get on and off the tractor from either direction. Select models are available with either a synchronized manual transmission for shift-on-the fly functionality or an easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission.