Dark turquoise and green TORNADO T1 Rotary Lobe Pump

NETZSCH Announces New TORNADO T1 Rotary Lobe Pump

NETZSCH Pumps North America is offering the new TORNADO T1 pump, designed to produce high flow at low to medium pressures in a small compact package. It is ideal for industrial applications. The TORNADO T1 pump can handle a wide range of viscosities, solids, temperature, abrasion, and corrosive/acidic process fluids and environments.

The TORNADO T1 pump is extremely versatile for just about any orientation and installation. Its robust design offers longevity, operational flexibility, and dry-run capabilities. It allows the pump to operate and handle many upset process conditions without causing harm to the pump. The pumps are available up to over 4000 gpm and up to 130 psi.

NETZSCH TORNADO T1 is a Full Service-in-Place (FSIP) pump. The front pullout design allows for easy access for maintenance and inspection. Opening the front cover allows access to the wear plates, lobes, and seals, making this pump very easy to service. Additionally, there is no need to access the timing gears or bearing as they are protected with the NETZSCH Gearbox Security System (GSS). This desirable feature protects the gearbox from the process side of the pump (wet-end). The GSS is an air gap that exists between the mechanical seal and the lip seal of the timing gearbox that establishes a physical separation between them. Should the mechanical seal leak, no product can get into the pump’s gearbox to contaminate the timing gear oil. The air gap allows for the process fluid to drip away from the shaft and timing gearbox to prevent damage; the process fluid physically cannot pass through the air gap and migrate past the gearbox lip seal. This air gap fully prevents the intermingling of the two fluids, resulting in improved long-term operation and allows for the pump to have lower total cost of ownership. Repairing bearings, lip seals and timing gears are greatly diminished with the TORNADO T1 rotary lobe pumps.

Some new upgrades include improved flange sealing, a one-piece housing design, additional seal configurations (single, double, flush, quench, etc.), a superior wear plate, and newer materials and coatings that extend operation life.

Clear glass cabinets with wires and bottles assembling the Watson-Marlow seed treatment applications

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions Highlights Pumps For Seed Treatment Applications

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) highlights a wide range of pumps ideal for seed treatment applications. For low-pressure feed pump applications, Watson-Marlow offers Qdos chemical metering pumps, as well as its cased peristaltic pumps.

The pumps within seed coating machines have a range of challenges to overcome and demands to meet, so correct pump selection is vital for seed treatment applications.

Peristaltic pumps have several operational advantages over progressive cavity (PC) and diaphragm pumps for all major seed treatment application criteria. Peristaltic pumps are simple to install and quick to maintain, making them ideal for use in seed coating machinery. Not only can peristaltic pumps run dry, but the fluid only contacts the bore of the hose or tube, making abrasive fluids such as pigments easy to handle. Furthermore, varying viscosities of the chemical treatments have no effect on flow accuracy, so chemical overshoot is never likely to be a problem. Qdos peristaltic chemical metering pumps deliver flow rates that remain constant right up to 100 (PSI), providing a unique advantage over diaphragm metering pumps. Qdos pumps also offer long maintenance intervals, reducing the impact of process downtime and lowering the overall cost of ownership. They require no backpressure valves, pulsation dampener, degassing valves, foot valves, strainers, or float switches.

The 505L and 625L low pulse peristaltic pumps also deliver unrivalled accuracy with a simple-to-use human machine interface (HMI) requiring minimal key presses during operation. Fluid is fully contained within the tube, providing complete isolation of the pump. Users can easily maintain product integrity with visual status indication and an intuitive user interface. Standard pumphead options available include continuous tubing; pumpheads for low, medium, and high pressures; and a dual-channel low pulse, high accuracy dispensing pumphead. Cased pumps offer six drive options, color display, and are available in flow rates from 0.0002 GPM to 8.8 GPM depending on model and pumphead/tubing options.

Red Tractor in beige field against bright blue sky


BKT’s AGRIFORCE BK T71, the first of a brand-new series of BKT rubber tracks for the farming sector, is designed particularly for high-power tractors employed in soil tillage and row crop applications.

The overall advantage of rubber tracks enhanced productivity and performance, since track-driven tractors can run at higher speeds in the fields at the same power and show increased fuel efficiency.

The tread of AGRIFORCE BK T71 is made of a high-performance compound that offers the advantage of extraordinary resistance against cuts, tear and wear. The optimized tread pattern provides excellent traction and ride comfort, whilst the drive lugs of the positive drive system have an optimized shape to ensure extraordinary flexibility. In addition, the track carcass has been reinforced with four layers of high-tensile steel cords. Thanks to these features, AGRIFORCE BK T71 offers the perfect balance between high dimensional stability and flexibility to ensure extraordinary durability.

The new product AGRIFORCE BK T71 size is 18x6x44 inches. Additional four size versions are already under development.

AGRIFORCE BK T71 is the first of a long series of tracks already scheduled in BKT’s development plan.

AGCO Power Releases A Completely New Engine Family For Off-Road Vehicles

AGCO Power has developed and manufactured a completely new family of diesel engines called CORE. Carrying on the AGCO Power heritage of long-lasting future-proof designs, the CORE family is designed with tomorrow’s alternative fuels in mind.

Reducing the carbon emissions is a common goal for all machine manufacturers. The current AGCO Power diesel engines are fully compatible with renewable HVO fuels, which can already bring them close to carbon-neutral operation. But the alternative future fuels such as hydrogen and gas require an engine that is designed from ground up to be compatible with them. What is groundbreaking about the new CORE engine family is that by further developing the engines they will be compatible with those fuels. The first engine in the CORE range is the CORE75 – a 7.5-liter, 223-kW unit with excellent torque, fuel economy and reliability. It is first used in the brand-new Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 tractor.

AGCO Power Core engine against black background
AGCO Power CORE75 delivers 1450 Nm of torque, the highest in its power class. The engine is designed to offer maximal torque at 1300 rpm instead of the more typical 1500 rpm. This low-speed concept enables the best fuel economy in the market today in its power class – 188 g / kWh.

AGCO Power CORE75 has been designed from the ground up to be extremely robust while having fewer parts. This simplified design makes the engine more reliable and easier to service. With its advanced EAT (Emission Aftertreatment) system, AGCO Power CORE75 is designed from the ground up to meet the most stringent emission standards without the need for EGR (Exhaust Gas Circulation) system.

Reinke, Freewave Technologies Announce Partnership To Optimize Collection Of Irrigation Data

Reinke Manufacturing and FreeWave Technologies announced a partnership to simplify data connectivity between irrigation systems and the cloud, making way for another best-in-class hardware lineup for Reinke’s ReinCloud-Ready products. With years of agriculture experience between the two companies, Reinke and FreeWave will simplify how data is collected through FreeWave’s Fusion global wireless technology. This collaboration enables growers to access real-time event-based irrigation data over a robust radio network, giving them total control without worrying about connectivity gaps.

FreeWave’s technology will deliver the data to Reinke’s ReinCloud ag-data service. ReinCloud’s easy-to-use and customizable dashboard allows growers to organize data in a way that works for their operation. Data can be arranged by property, zone and equipment. ReinCloud will send notifications to a smart device based on insights from the field. Irrigation systems can be operated remotely from any place, at any time, while giving growers information on how operations are progressing. and